A Pocket Expert For B.C. Plants
Florens create a connection between British Columbia residents that are driven by our nature to a single platform that compiles all B.C. flora profiles, where they can share their findings and create their own library based on their surroundings.



British Columbia is home to the highest biodiversity in North America and has more than tens of thousands of plants in a rich ecosystem. The government of British Columbia is committed to preserving and protecting our environment by taking responsible actions toward it, for example, in B.C. Conservation Data Center. 

Plants have high importance to the ecosystem since they provide humans and fauna food, shelter as well as a cooler environment, and also provides clean water and air. 

By knowing our ecosystem, the B.C. community can also understand its particularities and help in preserving and taking pride in it. At the moment, there is a lack of access to information easily and understandably about our flora, and having on our hands such a platform, where our community can take awareness about B.C. nature, it’s the first step to a better future. 

Our solution is a web app that compiles all information about our flora, where each tree or flower has a profile with photos and relevant information. People can use a search feature to type the data they are looking for, or use the filters to narrow down information in a hierarchy and easy-to-find data. Florens is a simple click to help the B.C. community to get a clear understanding of the flora/ nature around them. 

Depending on where the user is, they can search based on their location and the results will show the most common plants around them. They can also save the plants profile they desire, creating a personalized library to use as they want. 

Some nature experts can also add their discoveries and contribute to Floren’s community, encouraging them to play a role in our community and be aware of British Columbia’s surroundings. 


Search & Filters

Florens has a main search with filters where the user can type the plant name they are looking for, or use the filters if they are unsure about names. 


Save plants to a library

Once logged in, users can create their collection by saving the plant profile they are more interested in on the Library, and later they can consult it. 


Add your discoveries

Users with an account have an option to contribute with Florens, adding their plant profiles. Their user name will be displayed on the plant profile, to give credits to the author. 



Anna Miller

As a Student of science, she is very hardworking and wants to become a professor at a university. She, being a nature lover, often goes on hiking with her friends and is curious to know more about the plants that come across her way. She even likes to grow new plants at her home. 

Demographic characteristics

Age: 26 years old
Gender: Female
Status: Student
Location: Vancouver

Psychographic characteristics

Hobbies/lifestyle: Walking and Browse on her phone
Personality type: Extrovert / Follower / Creative


John Matthews

As a businessman, he always travels a lot for business meetings. He has to attend the success parties as well with their business partners. As a nature lover, he wants to gift plants to their partners but it’s difficult for him to choose the plant type as he has very little knowledge. 

Demographic characteristics

Age: 47 years old
Gender: Male
Status: Self-employed / Married
Location: Burnaby, BC

Psychographic characteristics

Hobbies/lifestyle: Golf, Running, and Movies
Personality type: Introvert / Leader / Creative

User Flow

User Flow - Florens-01


Florens is a variation of the word Flora, which means “The plants of a particular region or period, listed by species and considered as a whole.”*

Our typography and icon have a combination of curves and straight lines, a metaphor for the characteristics of our flora.

The graphic element of a leaf, represented with an salmon background, wants to keep away the literal colour of the leaf, bringing together wildflowers and the green of the trees.

The primary dark green combined with vibrant salmon is commonly seen in nature which represents the stable and vivid life of plants and flowers.



UI Kit

Florens_UI Kit-02_Final
Florens_UI Kit-03_Final
Florens_UI Kit-04_Final



Final Designs


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